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Search Engine Optimization for Local Business

3 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From SEO and Social Media Marketing

3 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From SEO & SMM
As a small business owner, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are essential for your digital marketing strategy. Still, 49 percent of small business owners aren't sure if their marketing is effective, while 59 percent haven't even established an online presence or website.[1][2] Outsourcing SEO and social media management revolutionizes your digital marketing. You can boost leads and sales, increase brand awareness and save cash. Here's how to do it. (more…)
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Are your search results as good as they could be?

As I was talking to a local business owner recently, he declared that he was #1 on Google” for his search term in Asheville, North Carolina. Skeptical, I checked…and he was right! Even more impressive is that he did it without a big-budget website. It looked suspiciously like a build-it-yourself site. And while the site may not look pretty, it had good SEO Juice (Search Engine Optimization). (more…)
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