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Email vs Social: Channels Aren’t Social, Humans Are

Email vs Social
The discussion regarding email and social and which one is the better channel (email is dead yada yada) is getting rather tedious. What makes this entire debate really frustrating is that it’s completely worthless in the larger scope. Oh sure, email marketers feel compelled to douse any suggestion that email is dying in order to reassure clients that they should still be spending with them, but other than that, what’s the point? (more…)
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Are your search results as good as they could be?

As I was talking to a local business owner recently, he declared that he was #1 on Google” for his search term in Asheville, North Carolina. Skeptical, I checked…and he was right! Even more impressive is that he did it without a big-budget website. It looked suspiciously like a build-it-yourself site. And while the site may not look pretty, it had good SEO Juice (Search Engine Optimization). (more…)
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Tweet Tips: 12 Ways to Tweet the Same Thing

Just tweeting a subject line and link from a blog (be a post by you or a post on another blog) is not always the most effective way to drive traffic to the post. If the subject line is really good, that can certainly be effective, but there are other options to get people’s attention with your tweets. Be creative with your tweets and mix it up! As with subject lines, a little originality and creativity can really make your tweets stand out. (more…)
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Word of Mouth Marketing: The Ostrich Factor

I had an interesting exchange a few days ago regarding social media and the power of word of mouth marketing. I was at my car dealership and one of their senior people was looking at a problem with my car. When he asked what I did for a living we started talking about social media. To set this up right, let me point out that this gent is a vet of the business, has seen a lot of changes and has tons of customer interaction and service experience. (more…)
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