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Who Is William Kelly?

My name is William Kelly & I help companies generate more revenue through digital marketing.

I started my first website in 1996. Since then, I've been involved in many areas of information technology. From Internet Service Providers to consulting, to systems & network engineering, I've done it all.

I've spent far more money than I care to admit over the years with marketing agencies. My experiences with these agencies ran the spectrum - some were great, some were horrible. The one recurring theme, though, was that none of them really "got" small business. None of them really took the time to get to know my business - it's strengths & opportunities - before pitching a digital campaign.

In fact, most were happy to simply create a banner ad, throw it up on some random website in their network & tell me that was all I needed to do online.

I knew they were wrong & I knew I could do better.

Out of frustration, I began working with small business, helping them improve their search presence (search engine optimization) as well as leveraging social media by turning it into social marketing.

I've built my reputation by being honest, curious & over delivering. Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping small business owners succeed.

People tend to believe that marketing is overly complicated & expensive. That doesn't have to be true. There is a formula - even with a complete lack of technical knowledge - you can get results.

My mission is to help you achieve those results.