How to Develop a Stand-out App for Your Small Business

Now's mobile market is flourishing using more than one million programs available at App stores. They are not all for games and social networking. Firms have come to understand the ability of programs for connecting with customers and boosting profit. Actually, 91 percentage of top manufacturers now have a program, and small businesses are starting to tap into the mobile marketplace and reap the benefits too.But, let's go back to that first amount. More than one million programs. That repr...
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Which Management Style Is Right For Your Small Business?

However small a company, it needs a management style that is clear, decisive and makes awareness to all workers. While there are numerous views on management fashions generally, for a small company organization, managers and employee interaction differ from a big or public company. Implementing or adapting a management style that is effective for small business also has to be achievable with the company proprietor leadership character and company philosophy. To help identify the right managem...
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3 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From SEO and Social Media Marketing

3 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From SEO & SMM
As a small business owner, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are essential for your digital marketing strategy. Still, 49 percent of small business owners aren't sure if their marketing is effective, while 59 percent haven't even established an online presence or website.[1][2] Outsourcing SEO and social media management revolutionizes your digital marketing. You can boost leads and sales, increase brand awareness and save cash. Here's how to do it. (more…)
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Email vs Social: Channels Aren’t Social, Humans Are

Email vs Social
The discussion regarding email and social and which one is the better channel (email is dead yada yada) is getting rather tedious. What makes this entire debate really frustrating is that it’s completely worthless in the larger scope. Oh sure, email marketers feel compelled to douse any suggestion that email is dying in order to reassure clients that they should still be spending with them, but other than that, what’s the point? (more…)
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